Measures against ticks

I like to take a hike in the woods. Especially when the spring season arrives, I can hike for hours. There something special and calming about hiking in nature. But unfortunately on one of the hikes I got bitten by a tick. I was lucky because the symptoms where mild and I didn’t catch a bad infections. Afterwards I realised that this could have ended way worse for me. A tick bite can result serious diseases such al Lyme. Simple measures such as ant-tick socks can prevent a lot of damage.

My goal with this blog is to make sure you can enjoy nature and the beautiful surrounding areas, while keeping yourself save from Tick-borne infections. Ticks carry bacteria’s that can infect humans with serious diseases including Lyme Disease. April through September is prime season for tick bites. It’s important to protect/prevent tick bites on yourself and your friends and family.


If you enjoy outdoor adventures as much as me, be aware that the danger of a tick bite is always there. Even if you are  gardening, camping or fishing. These are the favourite territories of ticks. Ticks are frequent to be found in grassy, brushy or wooded areas and are even in your backyard. And our beloved pets may even bring ticks inside to you. 

Avoid grassy, wooded or brush-filled areas where ticks are found, especially tall grass and areas covered in leaves. When you are planning to hike, stay toward the center of trails to avoid contact with trees and brush.

It’s true that wearing long pants and sleeves are better than shorts or tank tops, but ticks will crawl as far as necessary to find and attach to a fold of skin. Long pants and sleeves deter but don’t prevent ticks. It is effective to treat clothing with tick preventive products.

When you have finished spending your time outdoors, check yourself thoroughly before coming inside. This is the only way to be sure you’re not bitten by a thick or taking a tick with you inside

Check your clothes. 

Take off your clothes and check it for ticks. If you find any, flush them down the toilet. If you need to wash your clothes, use hot water.

Check your pets and backpacks 

Ticks will hitch a ride on anything they come in contact with, including backpacks, tents and pets.


Showering soon after coming indoors may reduce your risk of contracting Lyme or other tick-borne illness. The water helps wash ticks off and provides a good opportunity for a thorough tick check.

Do a full-body tick check

Use a hand mirror to view all areas of your body. Seeing or feeling for them topically is the only way to know they’re there. Check your and your children’s bodies, especially in these areas

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